Thank you for Choosing My Dreamhouse Plan!

All plans in the files of MyDreamhousePlan are copyrighted. This means that they are owned by MyDreamhousePlan and that any reproduction of any kind is forbidden. Purchasing blueprints is, in fact, purchasing a license to use the design.

   The plan may be used for the construction of only ONE HOUSE. If the plan is to be used for a second house at another location, even if no other blueprints are required, you must purchase another license to do so.

   You may loan all or part of the plans to third parties including contractors or sub-contractors for the sole purpose of the construction of one house. Mortgage companies and building officials may retain a set of plans for their files.

   The license you purchase with the plans is non-transferable and does not imply transfer of any right, title, or interest in the plan design other than what is stated above.

   When you accept this agreement, you enable us to keep our quality high and our prices low.

   If you wish to build a second house from the same design, please call us and ask for our reorder rate. Have the plan number ready, and we can fill your order by the end of the next business day. For your convenience, we accept credit cards. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

Kimberly & Riley Black

          Owners, Designers